Do not delete anything, though.

mod: I promise C:


This will be the end of Hazel for this time.

As some of you may know, I’ve had plans on Closing Hazel’s blog down for some time, To work on other things.

It was really fun to start with his blog. I got a great welcome. and I Experienced the feeling of Getting to talk with your Idols c:

Hazel has trough his Journey experienced Happiness, Love, Sadness, oddness, and Hatred.

Thank you all for joining me in the journey of Hazel.

I hope you guys will stick along with me on my modblog or my art blog.
To see my arts.

Maybe one day I will go back to Hazel’s blog c: It will not be at this time though.

Thank you everyone I love you c:

Why you’ve got to do this!!! TTATT (I almost had Tootie) OTL

Mod: this is a really cool blog

((MOD))) :Thank you I appreciate it alot ;v;

Just one thing though. I have a modblog Where you can ask all these questions you want about my characters or me c:
Also other drawings that is not related to hazel will be posted there.

Trusty: Tell her how you feel, Seriously!

Hazel: There’s ICECREAM!!

Don’t forget the Presents!!!

soo gud draw

soo gud draw


BubblePop : The keys are hard to reach!

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Vampires are so COOL!